Chris Brown
PO Box 92
Sheridan, Arkansas 72150

PHONE:  (870) 917-5711
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Welcome to AfterLife Taxidermy Studio's website. Thank you for visiting.

My name is Chris Brown; owner of AfterLife Taxidermy Studio.
I began doing taxidermy in 2001 as an apprentice; working closely along side a taxidermist that has been doing taxidermy since 1974.

Shop is located in Sheridan, Arkansas about 35 miles south of Little Rock. Call for directions and to setup appointment to drop off your Trophy Specimens.

At AfterLife Taxidermy, I specialize in a variety of taxidermy services. With mounting and tanning services done exclusively in house;
you can have your trophy mounted knowing that it will be done correctly and artistically, in a timely manner.

I Specialize in Birds to Life Size Mounts. and anything in between and anything custom, If you can tell me, I will do my best to make it happen.

I strive to give my clients the highest quality mount for that once in a lifetime trophy. I am continuously reading and studying up to date techniques to produce the most lifelike mount possible.

Help Preserve Your Trophy
For us to do the best job possible it is essential that we start with a well cared for specimen. Freeze your bird, mammal, mammal skin, or fish as soon as
you can, or bring it straight here from the field. If you choose to freeze, double wrap your trophy in plastic, freeze it, and keep it from heat and moisture to
prevent decomposition. NEVER put your warm animal in a plastic bag! Always allow it to sit and cool first.